The cold womb

Cold wombs and/or acidified wombs are often the main cause of miscarriages and implantation failure. A warm womb is of major importance, because an embryo loves warmth.

The womb should be seen as a home for the future baby. The embryo will be there from that moment until 9 months later. If his little house has a pleasant pH-value and is nice and warm then he wants to stay and the embryo will feel good and goes implant in the womb lining, because he doesn’t want to leave! When his home is full of toxins and feels very cold, the embryo will not want to stay. The cold can cause the cell division to stop, resulting in breakdown (menstruation).

The blood vessels are narrowed when there is cold in the womb. This means that the blood circulation is bad. If someone does become pregnant with a cold womb, this can still be a reason for a miscarriage.

How do you recognize a cold womb?

  • Regularly have cold hands and feet.
  • A pale look
  • Symptoms of lower back pain.
  • Being cold often, especially during your period.
  • You lose little blood.
  • A very painful menstruation.
  • The belly and bottom feel cold.
  • Dark blood clots during menstruation.

What can you do about this?

By detoxifying, warming up your belly and maintaining it with help of a.o. ´cold womb´ cure (click here to buy) and food (see app).

How to ensure a good implantation

Mmmmm a nice warm fluffy bed with a good quality matrass. We all would love to snuggle in, right! An embryo wants the same, the cervix lining should be seen as the bed for the embryo. He should want to lie down in it and nestle completely in it. However, embryos are also picky if the bed is too thin and there is no nice fluffy blanket, he either turns it down or gives it a shot and tries to implant in the womb lining. However, there is a high chance that if the bed is cold and hard and if there are bloodclots, it will not be possible for him to implant himself (properly), resulting in menstruation or early miscarriage.

A good thickness of the womb lining is very important. This is the crib in which the embryo will implant: The ideal thickness of the cervix lining is between 7-13 mm. This can also be positively influenced by food and tea. A womb massage  has also a very positive effect on the  cervix lining and blood flow.

Good circulation of the endometrium is very important.  If the blood flow is not good, an egg cell will not be able to implant as well in the uterus. A good blood flow ensures that enough blood is sent to the womb, it stimulates sticky embryos and reduces the risk of miscarriage.

There are many factors that influence blood flow, especially eating and exercise. Avoiding sugars and saturated fats and consuming a lot of fruit and vegetables is therefore very important. Omega3 also ensures a better fatty acid balance in your body. Krill oil capsules is recommended for daily intake, this is the best form of omega3. After ovulation it is advised to drink the implantantion tea (click here to buy) to support the progesterone production, hormonal balance and excellent blood flow.

Keeping the uterus warm, a correct Ph value, a good blood flow, the correct thickness of the endometrium are decisive for a good implantation. If you want to know exactly how to do all this in order to promote the implantation, download the pre- conception plan for naturel way (click here to buy) or the pre- conception plan in fertility treatment (click here to buy) from the webshop and the app.

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