Pre-conception plan, download, naturel way English version



This plan is only digital available.

This pre-conception plan was created to provide a clear overview for improving overall fertility and a perfect preparation for a future pregnancy. It describes how you and your partner can best prepare your body in order to speed up and increase the chances of pregnancy.  This version is suitable for couples who want to become pregnant naturelly.

The pre-conception plan works as follows: The first thing to do is to give the body a good cleaning! The body must be: Detoxified, deacidified and hydrated.  The second chapter discusses how the intestines are restored and kept healthy. As a result, the recommended vitamins and minerals that you ingest through diet, drinks and supplements will be better absorbed into the body. Then it is discussed how to manage the hormones in your body and keep them in a good balance.

The body of a man needs 75 days to launch a new load of sperm, how he can achieve this has been described in detail. The female body needs 3 months to produce a new supply of eggs. Nutrition, oxygen, blood supply, but also stress have a major influence on the entire endometrium three months before ovulation. How you can stimulate all this is explained step by step in the plan.

For each cycle stage it is explained what is important and how you can best support your body with food, herbs and more! You will also find in the plan explanation and all the important tips & tricks against a cold womb, everything for a good implantation and a small part of the womb/fertility massage.

This plan is necessary for a good preparation and to increase fertility. This plan will give you a clear overview and will motivate you to go all the way with your partner as a real power couple. A good preparation is half the work, and that certainly applies to this!