What comes to a surprise for many, is that men actually have a cycle. Heck yes! And that cycle literally lasts for 75 days. The male body needs 75 days to renew its’ sperm. From now on, watch what you are consuming as it will affect you within 75 days.

First of all, your body needs to detox from all antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, chemicals and other harmful substances that we ingest from air, plastic, drinks, meats, poultry and other Foods

Korrel & Kruid have developed a honey spice blend specially formulated for men. It is seed-increasing, stimulates speed and gives a healthy boost for his sperm. You can start this during your detox process, as it helps very well. It is highly recommended you take this honeycomb mixture for at least 3 months in a row for the best results.

A pre-conception plan for couples is available in the webshop. This includes a detox plan, grocery list, tips & trics, cycle of the woman and a list of vitamins and minerals that promote the fertility of the man.


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