Below you can find the do´s and dont´s for the period after the ovulation, puncture or embryotransfer. Also known as the two weeks waiting.

All previous mentioned dont’s are still valid


  • Drink implantation tea: To stimulate implantation, stabilizes good temperature and pH- value in the womb and increase the progesteron level.
  • Drink Rooibos tea: Contains a lot of antioxidants and is save for pregnancy.
  • Slight baked pineapple: Bromelaine has a positive effect on the implantation.
  • Ginger tea: Good bloodcirculation, good for digestion and keeps the womb warm.
  • Carefully massage implantation oil on your belly, lower back and buttocks.
  • The implantation package.
  • Spray while showering warm water on the belly for a few minutes with the shower head. To enhance a warm womb.
  • Keep your feet warm by socks in bed and slippers in the house. Also have a warm foot bath.
  • Visit the acupuncturist to support implantation, bloodcirculation in the womb and for relaxing.´
  • Feet reflexology: To stimulate the blood circulation of the womb.
  • Relaxing: Lowers the cortisol level and increases the progesterone level.
  • Smile, laugh and have fun!: Laughter produces endorphins (happy hormones). This is very important in this period for a healthy mental state. So don´t forget to smile during an embryotransfer!
  • Distraction.
  • Long walks outside, for good blood circulation etc.
  • Yoga: For relaxation and bloodcirculation. Especially the reversed posture.
  • Eat walnuts as a snack for omega3 which provides a good blood circulation.
  • A handful of almonds for your portion of vitamin E and lucky hormones. Nice in combination with black raisins, which also provide the production of the lucky hormones. Check our webshop for the fertilitymix.
  • Bring a hot water jug or bottle with you to the embryo transfer or IUI, keep it on your stomach in the car before transfer and when you return back home, put it on your back (not on your stomach!) Too much heat is also not good because it makes the embryo restless.
  • Light physical activity ensures good blood circulation. Take walks after transfer.
  • If possible, take a magnesium foot bath and/or spray magnesium oil every day under the feet, belly and underarm before bedtime.
  • Stay away from negative people.


  • No cold products such as ice cream, soda, dairy cold raw vegetables etc.
  • Avoid tropical/exotic/citrus fruits ( these are ‘cold’ fruits and implantation requires warmth). However, if you bake them shortly the fruits then you can eat them only warm.
  • Avoid green and black tea.
  • Don’t drink or eat directly from the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Reduce deodorant and perfume after punction, spray it rather on your clothes or shawl.
  • Don’t place a hot water bottle on your belly anymore, only on your lower back or feet.
  • Do not go outside with wet hair.
  • Do not shower with cold water or use cold water on your hair.
  • Do not walk barefoot, the cold can pass through your feet and go to your womb.
  • Leave your big toe. There is a meridian there which goes directly to the womb.
  • Stress, disturbs the hormone balance and more.
  • No sauna and min. 5 days after transfer no (hot) tub baths FT & Naturel way.
  • Do not lift (heavy) (the womb is very sensitive to this). FT
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner (the womb is very sensitive to this). FT
  • Do not take a bath after transfer until min. 5 days later and if you then take a bath, then no temperature higher than 37 to 38 degrees (If the body temperature is too high, the embryo becomes restless and can even breakdown, just like if the body temperature is too cold.). FT
  • Do not swim (min. 5 days) from transfer (cervix may still be open and chlorine water is not good for the embryo). FT
  • After the transfer, no intercourse for at least 12 days. FT
  • No orgasm after transfer, at least 7 days. FT
  • No tampons after punction, because of bacterial growth. FT
  • No high heels after punction. FT

Once the implantation is successful, the levels of HCG will increase and 2 lines will appear on your pregnancy test. You can start testing 10 days after ovulation with a sensitive pregnancy tests. However if you did an fertility treatment, you can better wait for bloodtest results. 

FT= Fertility Treatment

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