Below you can find the do´s and dont´s summed up for the period before the ovulation, puncture or embryotransfer.


  • Drink Maryam flower tea: To warm the womb, a twig per cup is enough.
  • Drink ´Cold womb´ tea if you have a cold womb, to warm the womb.
  • Steam from below (vagina) with mixed steam herbs to warm and detoxify the womb.
  • Fertility honey: Two times a day, to increase your overall fertility.
  • Do a pH-value test to check if it´s up to standard.
  • Ginger tea: Good for digestion and keeps the womb warm.
  • Ginger/ Turmeric/Black pepper tea: Drink this in the afternoon and evening: Good blood circulation, warming and anti-inflammatory.
  • Drink pomegranate juice every day (organic): To built up a healthy womb lining and is loaded with anti- oxidants.
  • Grapefruit (juice): To built up a healthy womb lining.
  • Raspberry leaf tea: To built up a healthy womb lining.
  • Wear pajamas in bed, tuck your shirt in your pants or wear an undershirt tucked in, to avoid wind against the belly.
  • Massage your belly with cold womb oil.
  • Use Wheat germ oil/vitamin E capsules for good bloodcirculation and womb lining.
  • Naturel multi- vitamin with sufficient folate (folic acid).
  • Brazil nuts are an incredible source of selenium, which is a mineral that helps to thicken the womb lining, and a healthy lining aids implantation. Selenium also works as a mild anticoagulant that can increase blood flow to the womb and ovaries, which may also increase the chance of conceiving. Selenium also acts as an antioxidant and can help create a healthy environment for a developing egg cell by reducing harmful free radicals in the body.
  • Opinions about child aspirin differ (1 per day), because it acts as blood thinners, before you use this product consult your doctor. It dilutes your blood so that the very fine capillaries in your womb are better irrigated and it cleans up the blood clots which all increase the chance of implantation.
  • Dates (not the sugared variety, preferable Ajwa and Chinese dates): For bloodsupply.
  • Keep your belly and your lowerback (kidney points) warm until transfer or ovulation.
  • Use Krill oil or omega3. Good for the bloodcirculation and fatty acid balance.
  • Visit the acupuncturist or enjoy a foot reflex massage.
  • Take an fertility (womb) massage as a support in your treatment, for the overall fertility, to remove blockages, for warming-up the womb, to stimulate implantation etc.
  • Do every day the do- it- yourself fertility massage.
  • If you can´t find a womb masseuse, than visit osteopathic doctor to release tension from inside and to create space.
  • Give your womb loving attention and do the ´home womb massage´ every day, this will increase the progesterone value (the pre- conception plan shows how).
  • Use a Moxa stick around your belly to warm your womb.
  • Take a magnesium bath with a little bit of baking soda. A magnesium boost increases the progesterone value and relaxes your muscles and tubes. The baking soda improves the pH- value. Which is all very important for a successful pregnancy. Don´t (hot) bath too much because it reduces kidney energy. Rather take more often a foot bath.
  • Smile during insemination. Your body makes endorfines when you smile, you need them now.


  • Try to avoid dairy products or have very little of it, as it has a bad influence on the womb lining, makes your womb cold and takes a lot of energy to digest.
  • Completely avoid coffee, soft drinks, light drinks or drinks containing aspartame.
  • No fatty meats and no pork.
  • Limit fast food, it´s bad for the blood circulation.
  • No extreme exercising, because you will activate the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • No refined sugars or sweets.
  • No Ibruprofen or Aleve, if necessary you can use carbasalate calcium for pain relief.
  • No mobile Phone or laptop in your womb area.
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