The fertillity app is called My Pregnancy Wish and can be downloaded from the appstore of playstore.


Every woman is unique and therefore has her own cycle time.

By entering your data, a calculation of your cycle will be made. This allows you to see every day on the app which cycle phase and cycle day you are in and what your body needs for a perfect preparation for a pregnancy. Your cycle consists of 4 phases, each of which the body is working hard to achieve it´s goal. If the body does not have/ingest the right nutrients, the steps become more difficult or they fall silent so that a pregnancy can fail.

In each cyclephase of the app, your body is told what it is doing and what it needs by means of an advice menu, tips and trics. The ingredients of the fertilitydiet are based on the needs of the body. It contains all the vitamins and minerals your body needs the most at that moment. By eating and living according to your cycle, you support your body in the best possible way. If you only take supplements, the body becomes lazy and stops producing the necessary substances. Moreover, vitamin from food is many times better absorbed in the body, so the body can immediately anticipate for the best result.

Example of the first phase;

For the menstrual phase it is important that the body receives the right nutrients for the following factors:

  • Ripening of the egg cell
  • Quality of the egg cell
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Releasing moisture deposits in the body
  • Promoting energy production of the cells
  • Creating red blood cells

The vitamins and minerals that have a positive influence on these factors have been combined and translated into dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is done in the app for all four phases.

Next  to the fertility diet, the app contains valuable information about the pineapple, the implantation, the cold womb and everything about improving the quality and quantity swimmers of your partner.

For women whose menstruation takes a very long time, Korrel&Kruid has developed hormone balance tea that helps to stimulate menstruation. You can find this tea in our webshop. The cycle starts at the first day of menstruation. Menstruation must always take place before pregnancy can take place.

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