Stress is very bad if you are trying to conceive, as it can be a reason for a miscarriage. Trying to get pregnant brings a lot of stress along and it is so hard to not stress! The first months you are OK, but disappointment after disappointment will stress you out. Because receiving your period feels like a loss, you are disappointed in your body and it feels like you failed as a woman. So it is very hard to not stress about it. Even people who are telling you not too stress, stress you out even more! You can also get stress from external influences such as work. Stress causes a high level of cortisol and due to stress you make too much estrogen. If the body experiences prolonged stress, this is at the expense of the production of progesterone and the natural cycle will get disturbed. Stress can therefore cause a miscarriage, because you can’t stay pregnant if the progesterone level is too low. If the estrogen level is too high during ovulation, your body cannot prepare for implantation.

Caffeine: Whether you take 4 glasses of coke, 4 cups of green/black tea or 2 cups of coffee a day, the cafeine level is the same. Research has shown that this content of caffeine increases a miscarriage by 50%. In addition, the substance in caffeine puts your body under stress, this is bad for fertility. It is recommended that no caffeine-containing drinks are consumed for three months.

Soya products: Avoid everything that contains soya but especially fermented soya products (tempé, tamari, etc.). In addition, the phytic acid in soy can block the absorption of certain minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron because it clots with them.

Sugar: It is not useful and only causes a lot of damage to your body. It disrupts your hormone system and has a very negative effect on many bodily functions and systems.

Transversal fats: Margarine, halvarine and vegetable oil: These are fats that are made by a chemical process from unsaturated fats. These are very harmful and you should definitely try to avoid them. In addition, trans fats have a negative effect on fetal growth. It’s better to choose between ghee or coconut oil (bake/oven), pure olive oil (in salad), and organic butter (on bread, bake).

Fat-free, low-fat products, sugar-free/light products and artificial sweeteners:

These products are bad for your hormone balance. This is because there are no low-fat or sugar-free products. There is always something worse in the place like apartaam (E951), Glucose-Fructose syrup and other bad additions.

E numbers: Avoid artificial E numbers such as E621, E133, E124, E110, E102, E221, sodium nitrate, E320, E220 and potassium bromode.

Synthetic/chemical vitamins: Pay close attention to the list of ingredients of vitamins. Even vitamins that you can buy at a ‘nature’ shop are regularly not natural either. So choose the best and that’s pure nature, no synthetic stuff.

Plastic: BPA is a hormone-disrupting substance that leaks into your food or drink and ends up in your body. Research has shown that people with repeated miscarriages almost always had elevated values of, among other things, BPA in their blood. Therefore, do not use plastic bags or lunch boxes for lunch, plastic cups, plates and cardboard cups with plastic coating etc unless it is BPA-free.

Kitchen salt acidifies the body, use only Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt (soon in our webshop).

Gluten, grains, peanuts, dairy products: Needs to be reduced for the sake of your bowel system. If you consume dairy products, use goat dairy or at leas only the organic dairy variety.


Antioxidants contribute to the protection of healthy cells and tissues against external influences such as stress, sorrow, air pollution, smoking, alcohol, sugar, fatty food, intensive sports and UV radiation. So eat everyday lot of fruit and vegetables, download the ‘mypregnancywish’ app for the fertility diet.

Oxidizing is rusting, aging, spoiling. If you want to see how oxidizing really works then try the following at home: Cut an apple in half and place the halves on a plate. Squeeze a lemon finely on 1 half of the apple, leave the other half without lemon. Leave it for an hour, when you come back you will see that the half of the apple with no lemon has turned brown and that half of it with lemon juice is still white. This is because the anti oxidants in lemon has protected the apple against oxygen and therefore against oxidation.

It is very important to prevent oxidation in your body as much as possible, because oxidation damages the cells and DNA of an embryo and has a bad influence on the quality of the cells and can affect the cell division negatively. Oxidation also determines the external aging process, health and your mood. In order to prevent the oxidation process as much as possible, it is important to consume sufficient antioxidants and correct fats. Vitamin E, C, selenium and zinc are the most important antioxidants. So make sure you get enough for this.

If you want to lose weight in order to be more likely to have a pregnancy, do not go on an extreme diet. This can greatly reduce the chance of fertilisation and disrupt the functioning of your ovaries. Don’t use slimming pills or diet drinks, as these are associated with major health risks. The mypregnancywish app allows you to follow a balanced diet. This is not only ideal to increase your chances of pregnancy, but you will also notice that you are going to lose weight. A healthy BMI is also important, this is between 20-25.

Ensure good digestion by first of all putting your intestines in order. See the chapter ‘detoxifying’ and ‘repairing the intestines‘ in the fertility plan that is for sale in the webshop. For more information about this and many more useful tips & tricks to apply in your entire cycle, this plan is a must!

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