Cold womb cure


The cold womb cure consists of 2 parts: Herbs to pull tea from and herbs to steam from below. It takes you a total of 2 cycle months to ‘cure’ the cold womb. All the cold, all blood clots, all accumulated toxins etc. must be removed! Therefore, you are not allowed to become pregnant during the first month of the cycle. Even if you do become pregnant with a cold uterus, you have a good chance of getting another miscarriage.

For women where implantation fails or women with repeated miscarriages, a cold womb and/or a acidified womb is often the cause of the problem. This tea heats your womb and is good for the entire blood circulation. It ensures that complaints such as cold hands and feet disappear and the menstruations are less painful.

The blood vessels are also constricted when there is cold in the womb. This means that the blood circulation is poor. If someone does become pregnant with a cold uterus, this can still be a reason for a miscarriage. The cold can cause the cell division to stop, causing breakdown (menstruation) to follow.
These steam herbs are a tool to counteract all this and make the climate of the uterus optimal again.

How do you recognize a cold womb?

  • Regularly have cold hands and feet
  • A pale appearance
  • Symptoms of lower back pain.
  • It’s often cold, especially during your period.
  • You lose little blood.
  • A very painful menstruation.
  • The abdomen and buttocks feel cold.
  • Dark blood clots during menstruation.
  • Multiple miscarriages

Content Tea: 150 gram

Content steaming herbs: 10 full teaspoons