Cold-pressed castoroil package



First cold pressing

Castor oil packing for your belly.

This is most effective for people with a cold womb, restless intestines and scar tissue. Castor oil is  a warming oil and is good for: Improving blood circulation in the abdomen/womb, promoting healing of the organs and tissues under the skin, relieving pain, reducing inflammation, improving the quality of the cervical mucus, make the womb warm and improving liver function and digestion. This is also ideal for women who have a cold womb and suffer from endometriosis.

CAUTION: Use castor oil correctly and in moderation. This is not allowed for pregnant women and after ovulation/insemination or puncture.

This oil is Hexane, Ricin and Pesticide free.


  • You can make a castor oil packing by:
  • Dipping a flanell cloth into castor oil.
  • Then heat the cloth in the preheated oven (preferably not in the microwave). Make sure it achieves a comfortably warm temperature.
  • Squeeze the excess oil and place the cloth on the desired area, in this case the lower belly.
  • Put a towel on your bed and a towel on the castor oil cloth.
  • Keep a warm jug ready, as soon as the cloth cools down put the jug on the towel.
  • Relax for at least an hour and remove the cloth.