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Senna mekki pods



In order to achieve a good reproductive system, it is important that the body is first detoxified of all the toxic substances we consume every day through food, drinks, plastic, air, etc.

Drinking senna mekki pods is part of the detoxification.

These senne pods are pure and 100% natural. They do not contain any additives. Senne can be used as a herbal tea to empty the bowels.

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Instructions for use: Senne pods’ tea

6 – 12 pods (starting with 6) in warm water for 30 minutes
1 cup in the evening to have bowel movement in the morning – or 2 cups a day.
Don’t drink longer than 10 days at a time
When 6 cups do not have enough effect you can multiply them step by step.

Contents: 50 grams


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