Good preparation is half the work, thus, we start with a body cleanse! This is done through a detox in combination with the best nutrients to ensure that your body can properly dispose of stored toxins. A large amount of pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics, medicine/vaccination residues, and toxins from inhalation of polluted air remains in your liver, uterine lining and your entire body without detoxification.

Detoxing is the perfect way to prepare for a pregnancy. As a result, your future baby grows from the best cells and lives in a “clean house”. An acidic uterus can cause the implantation process to break and stop. Thus, it’s important to keep the diet plan found in the MyPregnancyWish app during the entire process. Every month is a pregnancy opportunity, so make sure you use every month well and this way you’ll benefit fully. It takes about 3 months for your body to be fully prepared, thus do not expect results in the blink of an eye, patience is key!

What will we tackle first?

The intestines are very important for your overall health, as all that goes inside your body passes through your intestines. Hence, why it plays an important role in your overall health.  Intestinal bacteria, called intestinal flora, produces many useful substances. For instance, after an antibiotic treatment both good and bad bacteria are destroyed. Antibiotics also come through food, such as animal products and farmed fish. In order to build a good intestinal flora and detox your body of all antibiotics you must use a probiotic cure with as many strains of bacteria as possible and eat fermented foods.

When your intestines allow more substances in your body than what is good for you, it is called an increased intestinal permeability. If it works properly, poisons in food are filtered out by the intestinal mucosa. However, if it doesn’t the absorption of nutrients is thereby disrupted. This also applies to a leaky intestine. The intake of the vitamins and minerals then decreases. A cause of intestinal permeability can be: intestinal infection, parasites in the gut, gluten and lectins in grains, peanuts, and soy.

If you don’t consume fiber-rich foods, the balance of the intestinal flora is disturbed. This can result in an excessive growth of fungi or bacteria, resulting in an infection.  To prevent this, it’s necessary to consume fibers in their natural form; all kinds of fruit and vegetables. It’s important to make sure your intestines (again) are healthy, after which you can be sure that your body will absorb vitamins, minerals, and nutrients properly. In order to repair the damage, you can use: L-glutamine and aloe vera gel.


How should you detoxify?

A great way to start is by doing a juice fast for 3 days (or longer) in combination with probiotics and exercise. This way you will lose most of the toxins if done correctly. Exercise plays a major role in removing toxins from your body.  Try to exercise for an hour every day; you must do a full body workout!  When it comes to juice fasting, the purpose is to only consume liquids; think of smoothies both from vegetables and/or fruit, herbal teas and lots of water. Water in combination with lemon or Celtic sea salt is recommended a few times a day, especially to start your day! It’s also very important to switch to natural care products. Also, if you are cleaning it is highly emphasized that you do not forget to wear cleaning gloves in order to prevent direct contact with cleaning products. And above all, it’s extremely important to lead a stress free life from this point on!

Food products that help get rid of toxins are: organic vegetables and fruits, such as seaweed, radishes, and beets (purifies your blood), and broccoli, brown rice and other fibers. Food products that are good for the detox process and have a direct effect on the intestinal flora are: raw vegetables and products rich in probiotics such as fermented vegetables (including sauerkraut), yogurt and kefir. Both water kefir and milk kefir are packed with probiotics, which also keeps the intestine healthy and supports healthy bowel function. During the detox period, it’s recommended that you visit a sauna/hammam. The heat will induce sweating and thus, toxins will be removed from your body. Drink extra water that day to keep your fluid balance stable. Your body also requires fresh oxygen; you can achieve this by doing deep breathing exercises a few times a day. You can also achieve this by doing a meditation session. Drink one and a half to two liters of water a day and get a massage.


 What can you use to support the detox process?

Senna Meki (senne pods): works to empty the intestines. This is recommended by Korrel & Kruid for women with a desire for a child before you start a cure.

N-acetylcysteine ​​(NAC) a detoxifier is perfect for PCOS and endiomentrosis patients. NAC has a strong detoxifying effect on the liver. The latest research with NAC has shown that NAC helps to reduce and even eliminate cysts. Glutathione is an ingredient of NAC and has a positive effect on oxidative stress. It protects cells, has detox properties, is immune enhancing and helps reduce the chance of miscarriage. This is shown in a survey of women who had a history of inexplicably recurring miscarriages. It is a safe to take, even during pregnancy.

Extra vitamin C:  Vitamin C stimulates the body to produce the substance glutathione (effect discussed above). this substance helps the liver remove toxins. The best form of vitamin C is the organic camu camu supplements.

Spirulina: This supplement is incredibly rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Spirulina makes a major contribution to the detox of your liver and makes the body free of toxins and free radicals. It is also used to de-acidify the body. Another good advantage of spirulina is that the nutrients are absorbed very well by the body and contains strong anti-oxidants. Thus, making spirulina a must have!

Chlorella is a very good detoxifier and also has a high nutritional value. Chlorella is in fact a good natural source of vitamin B12. As a result, you catch 2 birds with one stone!  The product is mainly known for helping to detox the hormone xenoestrogens. This product is also a safe product and can also be used during pregnancy without any problems

Turmeric is a very powerful anti-oxidant, has a cleansing and detoxifying effect, fights against cancer cells and makes the uterus warm. Combine this with black pepper, this increases the absorption up to 20 times. Poor substances such as parabens, pesticides and BPA in your body are easily removed by this mixture. Make it as a tea or add it to your (hot) dish.

Green tea: In this period it is okay to drink green tea as this burns extra fat. Ginger with aloe vera drink: Mix ginger, lemon and aloe vera together. This can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. Add 1 teaspoon of it in a large glass or in a bottle and mix with water. This drink promotes bowel movements and cleanses the body. This can be found on YouTube, where you can watch a short movie from MPW, which shows you how to prepare it properly.


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