The cold womb and good implantation

The cold womb Cold wombs and/or acidified wombs are often the main cause of miscarriages and implantation failure. A warm womb is of major importance, because an embryo loves warmth. The womb [...]

Womb/Fertility Massage

A womb/fertility massage is a very special massage that creates harmony and balance between the reproductive, digestive and sacred areas.  A desire to become pregnant can cause a lot of negative [...]

The Man

What comes to a surprise for many, is that men actually have a cycle. Heck yes! And that cycle literally lasts for 75 days. The male body needs 75 days to renew its’ sperm. From now on, watch [...]

Fertility App

The fertillity app is called My Pregnancy Wish and can be downloaded from the appstore of playstore. Apple Android [...]

Balancing Your Hormones

This chapter is about rebalancing the hormones in your body. Do you have PCOS, endometriosis or do you just feel that your hormones occasionally go crazy? Then do not take these tips for granted! [...]

What To Drink

The following teas promote fertility because they each have a specific effect on fertility. Most of the teas can be found in the webshop and are highly recommended for support next to the [...]