Non organic fruit and vegetables are not unhealthier than the organic variety. The difference is in the pesticides, which are in fact xeno-estrogens, which cause a hormonal imbalance. For example, the chemical pesticide bifenthrin causes ovulation disturbances. This is only one of so many pesticides sprayed on fruit and vegetables. If you eat fruit and vegetables with pesticides, it will build up in your body and that is something you want to avoid. You would like to purify your body from within and keep it clean, pesticides disturb this purpose.

However, it is not always financially possible to buy all your fruit and vegetables organically. Organic is more expensive than non organic and everything is all already expensive enough. Therefore we have to inventorise what is also good to eat non organic. In the fruits and vegetables mentioned in the schedule, few pesticides have been found. That is why these are also non organic good to eat. Print out the schedule below and hang it up somewhere in the kitchen as a reminder.

Click here for a pdf. schedule of what you do and don’t have to buy organically.

Also pay close attention to seasonal products. There is more energy in what comes directly from the ground than in what is grown in glasshouses. By buying seasonal products you can also be sure that it is fresh.

Nowadays you can buy organic fruit and vegetables in almost all supermarkets. Sometimes it doesn’t even cost as much as the non organic variety. Monitor the week offers, that can also make a big difference in your wallet!

For Dutch people:

Another very important thing is: Buy as much of Dutch soil as possible, except for the tomatoes.  Greek tomatoes seem to be safer. The closer the crop is grown, the fewer pesticides it contains.  A handy site to get an overview of offers is: There is in Zeeburg (Amsterdam) an organic market on Wednesday from 11.00 am to 06.00 pm, they sell organic vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese and delicacies.

From the list below you can choose whether to opt for completely organic or to alternate with non-organic but safe fruit and vegetables.

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