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t has increasingly become a challenge for couples to conceive naturally. Our eating habits influence our hormones, body processes, cell quality, sperm and overall health majorly. Partly due to our hasty lifestyles, it comes with no surprise that infertility has increased in a way that has never been seen before.

After trying to get pregnant and being unsuccessful, I began to look into the following:  What does our body need to get pregnant in a fast and healthy way. Every week of your cycle, your  body is busy preparing itself for a possible pregnancy. In order to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy, it’s very important to consume the right vitamins at the right time with proper absorbancy. The fact is, vitamins found in food are absorbed better than vitamins from a supplement. In order to increase absorbancy, you need to match the nutrition of each cycle by means of a proper diet.

The fertility diet contais the following for each cycle: 3 meals a day plus an extra variety of meals, what to drink, tips and tricks for implantation, medicinal herbs and more that can be found in the MyPregnancyWish app. The app will list foods that are necessary to positively influence the body’s processes. The app costs € 2,99. Each update in the app is free of charge.

In a beautiful collaboration with Korrel & Kruid, we deliver a total package for optimal success of a natural pregnancy and it’s trajectory. Korrel & Kruid is specialized in the composition of herbal mixtures that promote fertility for men and women, stabilize hormones, warming the womb and stimulate implantation. These products are developed for MyPregnancyWish by Korrel & Kruid and can be found in our webshop.


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