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Looking for fertility advice? My Pregnancy Wish offers free advise and without any obligations.

Welcome To Pregnancy Wish

Take control of your fertility back into your own hands!

My Pregnancy Wish is designed to defeat infertility. The app is a cycle calendar that is linked to a preconception fertility diet. With the app, the herbs, the food products and the fertility plan, which can all be found in the webshop, you use all the tools to start this fight.

On request, it is also possible to have a personalized plan based on your current situation and condition.

Download the mypregnancywish app to get started right away with overcoming infertility!

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The App

The app is called My Pregnancy Wish and can be downloaded from the appstore of playstore. Apple [...]

The Man

What comes to a surprise for many, is that men actually have a cycle. Heck yes! And that cycle [...]

What To Drink

The following teas promote fertility because they each have a specific effect on fertility. [...]


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